Extending Your Tweets Beyond the 140 Character Limit

Most of the time, 140 characters are enough for a good tweet. If you're like me though, you can't always string together a coherent thought in that amount of space.

After one such occurrence, I decided it would be great if there was a web based application that would allow you to write an extended tweet. The web application would automatically create a short URL for tweets over 140 characters, and then post your message to twitter in a user selectable length that included the short link to the full message.

Well, like usual, I was a little late to the party. After a quick search, I found many services that would do something like this already. Rather than try to re-invent the wheel, I decided to use this site as a pointer to help you find some cool 140+ services.

Web Services for Longer Tweets


Twenth is a beautifully styled site that converts any long text into a short link so you can create the mother of all tweets with 115 characters to spare.

Tall Tweets

Instead of converting your long tweet into a link, Tall Tweets allows you to post your long tweets either as an image - or - as a series of smaller tweets. This way, your readers will not have to leave their twitter clients to see your full tweet. Here's a nice video demo.


Just press the sign-in button and start tweeting. After you wear those fingers down, simply hit submit, and your tweet (with as much text as twitter allows) will automatically post to twitter. Your tweet will include a link so people can continue reading the full message.